How will I help you reach your goals?

  • This is an ultimate fitness guide, which basically includes all my “secrets” to how I have achieved my physique.
  • I will guide you step-by-step to how to optimize your workouts, nutrition, recovery and everything in between in order to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Video of every exercise

What's included?

  • Essential points to how to achieve your goals
  • My biggest secret to bigger glutes
  • Gym bag essentials
  • First phase for foundation
  • Second phase for optimized muscle building
  • Deload week
  • Energy sources
  • Optimizing recovery
  • Right foods to eat
  • Meal sizes and numbers
  • Macro-nutrient timing
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Supplements
  • Shopping list
  • Exercise videos
  • Training log


  • Build your glutes and get the abs you’ve always wanted
  • Make your body curvy from the right places
  • Get lean and toned
  • Optimize your muscle gain and fat loss
  • Gain more energy and handle stress better

Who is the plan for?

  • This plan is for everybody who is looking to optimize muscle building, recovery and nutrition.
  • For anyone who´s ready to put those curves in their right places

How long does it last?

  • Each workout takes about 45-60 minutes
  • 12-week program
  • 4 Workouts per week + optional HIIT workout

Price: USD 26.99 / GBP 19.99 / EUR 22.00

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My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey started about 7 years ago when I first discovered lifting. I’ve always been very skinny and didn’t really have any curves until I decided it was time to create some. I started lifting and building my body to the direction I desired and after learning to eat and activate my muscles the right way I started seeing results.

“In order to change your body you must first change your mind”

One of the biggest things that draw me into lifting was the idea that I can be truly in charge of how my body looks and mold it to the direction I desire. Also, as I saw my body change, I noticed other major changes as well. I was able to handle stress better, my energy levels were crazy high and I was feeling more confident than ever.
My fitness journey to the point where I’m now with my physique has taken tremendous time and effort. Learning how to optimize everything in order to achieve the best results and minimize time wasted.
This is the e-book I wish I had when I started my journey. I have gathered all my knowledge about the right mindset, training, nutrition, recovery and everything that has lead me to where my body is now and I could not be happier to share it with YOU!


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