Ultimate Full Body

“This is a well tested path to a great physique.”

Ready to get the body you've always dreamed of? And not afraid of a challenge? Then this program is for you! Get ready for an Ultimate Full Body transformation! This is a well tested path to a great physique! whilst at the same time bullet-proofing the most common weak spots/ imbalances.

For a holistic approach to a strong and injury free body. This is your “map” for training. The only thing you have to do now is give your very best EFFORT throughout the whole 15-weeks.

During this program you workout every other day so you can give it your maximum effort, followed by a day of light cardio for better recovery. You will notice that during this program the fatigue is cumulative the further you progress. If after 4-weeks you don’t feel like you need a week off, you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough!

  • 15-week program for the gym
  • 2-week split - every muscle group is trained 3-4 x per week
  • 7 different workouts
  • Weight training and cardio (LIIT & HIIT)
  • 3-4 full body weight training sessions per week and 3-4 light cardio / rest days per week
  • Videos of every exercise and tracking in the AFLETE app.

Price: GPB 26.00 / EUR 30.00 / USD 35.00

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